#1 Through the fence of time von ylq 26.02.2019 02:44

Through the fence of time and space, I came to the Western Han Dynasty in the Great Unification, and the long and narrow Chang'an Street was no longer prosperous. I first came to a small hotel and drank a bowl of wine to ease the fatigue. The shop is a young boy of similar age and me. He smiled and asked me: "Guest, foreigner?" I was a little surprised. How did he know that I was not a Beijinger, probably listening to my accent! Drinking wine I got up and walked towards the palace.legendary magnificent Western Han Dynasty palace complex is in front of my eyes, and the grandeur is exactly the same as that said in the history book. I breathed a sigh of relief and slowly walked forward. Every pass is very strict Wholesale Cigarettes, but I am fully prepared. Every pass I go by ticket, but it goes well. When I arrived at the gate of the court, an eunuch stopped the way and asked me to wait for the call. After he entered, I was called in a short time. Followed the eunuch into the hall. From the far side, I saw the high-ranking throne sitting on the top of the Han Wu Emperor Liu Che. Because the language was inconvenient to communicate, I had to put up the memorial I had prepared for a while. After a while, I only heard the Emperor Wu of the Han shouted a "quasi", my heart The stone fell to the ground, I am very happy, because I can finally go to see the long-awaited Taishi company Ma Qian.ng through the gloomy prison road, my heart is cold and almost frozen. This is where the literary and historian Sima Qian, who is worshipped and admired by people, lives Marlboro Red. He is here to write the first history of China's history of the biography - "Historical Records." I finally came to Sima Qian's prison. Through a solid fence, a man wearing a prison uniform, a unkempt hair, and a straight book broke into my field of vision. He was so invested, did not hear my footsteps, did not feel that someone was watching him. At this moment, the jailer opened the door and ��clicked�� and I was locked in. The old gentleman was disturbed by this voice, slowly turned around, looked up and stared at me with amazement. It seemed to be full of doubts about the appearance of this uninvited guest. After a while, he calmed down and asked slowly: How are you being locked in? The age is so light, hehe!" Shows an infinite sadness. I told him that the purpose was to know how he wrote "the singer of historians Newport Cigarettes Coupons."he was silent for a while, he said: "Wen Wang detained "Zhou Yi"; Zhong Nie made "Spring and Autumn"; Qu Yuan exiled, but "Li Sao"; Zuo Qiu was blind, and there was "Mandarin"; Column; not Wei move, the world biography "Lv View"; Han Fei prisoner Qin, "Difficult to say", "Lonely Indignation"; "Poetry" three hundred, to the sages of the anger of the work is also ... ... said here, He is obviously a little excited. Then said: "I am the first person to suffer, the reason why I am forbearing to live, secluded in the dung without resigning, hate selfishness is inexhaustible, no world, and literary talent is not in the afterlife..."ening to his words, I couldn't help but think of the poems of Zang Kejia: "Some people are dead, he is still alive." Yes Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, people like Sima Qian are dead and still, and their souls are growing. He was subjected to capital punishment without tarnishing, and he was forbearing to live. He completed the eternal masterpiece of the eternal glory of the past, "Historical Records Marlboro Cigarettes Price," and he used blood and tears to cast "the singer of the historian". He and his "Historical Records" shine like the ages, admiring for future generations. .

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