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Look at the peach blossoms all over the place, March is the scenery of the willow fluttering Marlboro Gold, I dare not think about it. Looking back, we have entered the autumn wind bleak September, this September in the literati ink pen Parliament Cigarettes, infinitely sad, no flowers bloom, no bright spring, the breath of the sun with the breath of September disappeared. In my spare time, I can't escape from the bustling streets and lanes, alone on a certain corner, waiting for us to adapt to the "occupation" of September. Perhaps the streets outside the school gates are still as happy as ever, still full of energy. But all this is a imaginary mirage for me now. The only thing that can be done is to devour the piles of book walls, and the ensembles played by the raindrops outside the walls show infinite scenery. For us, it is more like a dream in September, we can only sit there, meditation, rising sun, sunset, wind, stars, staying from far away, we are sticking to the god of time, I really want to stop the time. However, only looking up, seeing the wall clock on the wall ticking away in a hurry. Just blame the time is too thin, the seam is too wide. We found that the passage of time and the transfer of space are so ruthless and overbearing. There is no room for negotiation. The face has changed innocence with September, and it has become a bit determined and persistent. And a little calm. Purdue University is a long-established research public university. The land and sea hekongjian use rights granted by the US government have always been famous for its excellent teaching. Purdue University was founded in 1869 and ranks 18th among all American universities Marlboro Lights. It has 3 Marlboro Cigarettes,000 teachers and about 40,000 students. China��s two bombers Deng Jiaxian and anti-Japanese star Sun Liren once studied at this university. My son is also a Ph.D. student at this university. So, on December 29, 2013, we went to visit the University of Purdue University. Indiana, driving from Chicago, Illinois, to Purdue University is 100 miles away. His son has a cold. He insists on taking us to see his alma mater. There is no sun on this day. The north wind is very big. The snow on the ground is not there. It��s still cold. The car passed through the vast plains and saw the scene of the rural areas in the north of the United States. The plots here are very large, some hundreds of acres, and some even a thousand acres. From the car, the ground is black. The houses where the peasants lived were all villas. After two or three hours in front of each villa, two and a half hours later, we went to Purdue University. There is no wall in the United States Marlboro Red. It is the scope of the university. It is the land of the peasants. It depends on the son��s explanation. Because it is the Christmas holiday in the United States, the gates of each teaching building are locked. We only I was able to get outside the eyes, and I saw some teaching buildings such as the Physics Building of the Physics Building, and I also saw the place where my son once lived. A few laps on the ground, most of which were seen in the car. We are too strange to Purdue University. I don't know how the school district is divided. I don't know how the faculty is divided. I don't know the name of the river on the campus. I saw the school badge of the eagle head. I don't fully understand its meaning. It really can only be called a flower shop. I am eating at a Chinese restaurant. The young man is Chinese. His wife is reading a book at Purdue University. I am doing a job here. It��s a black worker, but the young man is very enthusiastic, and the service is also thoughtful. The American countryside I saw on the return journey is the other side. I feel that the land on this side is bigger. I can only see three sides in the car. One side cannot be seen. I asked my son to stop. I have to go and see the land of the United States. I personally went to step on it and personally squeezed the mud. It was really a black land
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