#1 When life is threatened von ylq 09.08.2019 03:56

When life is threatened, we can truly appreciate the value and fragility of life. Today, I can never forget it. An empty operating room Online Cigarettes, a high operating table, a small, unusually bright large searchlight, a doctor's nurse's blue surgical gown, and pliers and scissors in the operating tray, everything is vivid, and the young female nurse Smile, I am very grateful for that smile, it gave me strength and courage. I don't remember how I climbed onto the operating table. I just remembered that the doctor gave me an anesthetic. After a while, I didn't know anything until surgery. I woke up at the end and looked at my loved ones. I felt like I went to a very distant place and went back. I have never felt the same in my life. Lying in the hospital bed, I don��t know why I just want to cry, crying in the most fragile and dangerous time, I feel deeply that I have such a strong and persistent pursuit of life, there are so many wants to do without Do things, there are so many difficult feelings to give up, to parents, to daughters. At that time, I had a strong thought. Even if the benevolent God gave me more time, I would also finish what I wanted to do Cigarettes Online. Fortunately, I finally survived that day. In the days when I was sick, I deeply felt the love. Mom gives me a good meal every day. As if I was back in my childhood Wholesale Cigarettes, watching my mother's busy figure, I was very touched. My daughter came back to school every day to tell me the story at school, make me happy, and earned a small fist and said: "Mom is the best, mother is the strongest, mother is the most beautiful." From my daughter's eyes I I saw a full love. After that illness, I cherish my health and cherish everything I have. Life is such beautiful, it is so fragile, and more importantly, it gives us a lot of responsibilities and obligations, and waiting for me to complete, I have no reason not to cherish, I deeply love my loved ones. My lovely daughter is in high school. She is climbing the stage. I need my encouragement. I need my love. I can't give up her. My parents have paid too much for me. They are old and good. I can't afford such a blow, so I have to live well, live that life to bring me disaster, and let me mature, teach me more strength, and give me a lot of insights about life and life. Life is not easy, life is fragile, and life is beautiful because of love.
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