#1 Uninstall McAfee or McAfee Uninstaller Solution 888-315-9712 von mcafeesactivate 20.08.2019 10:44

Bought a new PC and want your old McAfee subscription to be installed and activated on it? Your McAfee antivirus was working fine earlier, but has stopped working all of a sudden? An update is available but you are not able to run it on your device? You no longer want the installed McAfee antivirus because you wish to switch to a higher or upgraded version? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then the uninstalling the installed McAfee antivirus is what you have to do. For this, you can either download a McAfee uninstaller tool from its website or contact the uninstall McAfee support team @ 1 888-315-9712.

However, if you want to take things in your hand and uninstall the antivirus on your own, then open the Control Panel from the Start menu. Find Programs and then click Uninstall a program. From the list of all installed programs, find McAfee and right-click on it. You will see a drop-down menu, choose to uninstall from the options, and wait until the process finishes. During the process of uninstallation, if an error occurs then call the McAfee support number 1 888-315-9712 and get immediate assistance from a certified and experienced technician.

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