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Time flies, and now I have become a junior high school student who is about to graduate. Sitting at the window quietly remembering the bitter and sweet time, there is a hint of pain in my heart Parliament Cigarettes. In the summer of nine years ago, I was just seven years old. I just went to the second grade. At that time, I was very sensible. When I was at school, my grandmother picked me up. One day, it was drizzling, and I didn't want to hold an umbrella. I wanted to try the feeling in the rain. I gave the umbrella to my grandmother and ran ahead of my grandmother. Unexpectedly, when crossing the road, a blue tricycle quickly came over... I passed out. I don't know what happened after. Lying in the hospital bed, I finally woke up. After I woke up, I saw that my grandmother became so embarrassed in a few days. How was my grandmother lost? Ugh! I am sure I don't trust me, I have to take care of me personally. Unconsciously, my pillow was wet... Finally, under the careful care of my grandmother, I was discharged. I asked my father to go to school? Dad said: "Yes, but you can't walk, we have to carry you to school." Grandpa said: "If you want to take a year off! Anyway, this child is still young." At this time, Grandma said: "No, I still have to learn to send her to school." Grandma��s words made me very moved. Although she was not able to walk, she was deeply impressed by the fact that I had been ignorant of my own discomfort. Grandma is a one-of-a-kind person. She said that she would do this when she sent me to school. This is not, she has not been discharged from hospital for a few weeks. She is afraid of delaying my study and insisting on carrying me to school. I can pick up and drop back and forth in one day, but my grandmother doesn't say a bitter word. Sometimes my grandmother told me stories and jokes when I was carrying me. Now it seems that this will be my permanent memory. The one that impressed me the most was: On that day, the weather suddenly turned cold. My grandmother��s arthritis would hurt when the weather changed. Dad said to her grandmother: ��I am going to send the child today! Your leg hurts, it is inconvenient.�� Grandma said: "No, I insisted, I will send it, you still work at home!" Dad didn't marry his grandmother, so he had to be grandma. On the way, my grandmother carried me, I think my grandmother didn't go so fast, and it was not as stable as before. Unexpectedly, I still fell to school grandmother. This fall, I fell so much that I hated myself why I didn��t obey, and I wanted to run around in the rain; this fall completely broke my heart. Grandma is gone, Grandma is just taking care of me. I hate myself, why did my grandfather want to go to school when I was out of school, because I want my classmates, I want to play with my classmates, I don't want to be alone at home. At this time, I feel that I am so selfish. I shed tears, I shed tears of regret, I... Before my grandmother��s coffin, I cried so sadly, so painful. At that time, I thought: What should I do now? Grandma is gone, I regret it! I was so selfish when I was so self-sufficient. I remembered that time, my heart was vaguely bitter, and there was some sweetness. The bitter thing is that my grandmother is for selfishness... I am so sweet that I have such a great and awkward grandmother. I am thinking now: I am so lucky to be a granddaughter of my grandmother. When I walked into Grandma's room, the empty room couldn't hear her calling me to give her the medicine. I couldn't hear her let me give her a slap in the face. In the past, my grandmother also boasted that my little hand was so good Cheap Cigarettes. She said that with me, she is no longer afraid of joint pain. Hey, even if my grandmother doesn't praise me, she beat me or yell at me. As long as she is healthy and alive, it is already the best love for me. Nowadays Cigarettes For Sale, these have become illusions, and it is no longer possible to become a reality. Now I really want to help my grandmother to feed the medicine, lick back, clean the house... I really want to hear her smile, and then see her beautiful and beautiful smile watching Grandma's photo, I I will remember the time with her. In that time, I was filled with my grandmother��s deep love for me, full of everything my grandmother had. I will always remember the bitter and sweet time.
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