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Whenever I read the "Five Strong Men of Langya Mountain", my heart will not be calm for a long time, because I was deeply moved by the spirit of Langyashan Five Heroes. This text tells the story of the absence of war in a certain part of the Eighth Route Army during the Anti-Japanese War. It did not cover the shift of the main force of the masses and troops, seduced the enemy up the mountain, stubbornly annihilated the enemy, led the enemy to the summit of Langya Mountain, and finally bravely jumped off the cliff Marlboro Red. It shows the spirit of the five strong men who love the motherland, the people, and the courage to sacrifice. This piece of text moved me: "In order to prevent the enemy from discovering the crowd and the main force, Ma Baoyu, the squad leader took the lead and walked toward Qipantuo. The soldiers were so passionate that I couldn't help being high by the squad leader and the other four soldiers' high fighting spirit and lofty self-sacrifice. The spirit was moved. " I thought: if it wasn't for the sacrifices made by the five strong men, could the people and the main force of the army still reach a safe place? This is the reason for the five strong men! The spirit of the five strong men of Langya Mountain is worthy of our study. There is another episode that moved me deeply: "Ma Baoyu, the squad leader was injured. The bullets are all done. Only Hu Fucai has a grenade left in his hand. He is about to unscrew the cover Now, Ma Baoyu took the first step Marlboro Gold, seized the grenade and inserted it around his waist. He suddenly lifted a large stone and shouted, "Comrades! Stoned! Suddenly, like a hailstone, with the determination of the five heroes, and the hatred of the Chinese people, he smashed at the enemy. "I thought:" Although the monitor Ma Baoyu was seriously injured, he still held up such a large stone and smashed it with stones. From here, we can see how Ma Baoyu vowed to death, and the determination of the five heroes to fight the enemy bravely Heroism. "In addition to the heroic deeds of the five strong men in Langya Mountain, there are still some people worthy of our study Wholesale Cigarettes. Wang Erxiao is one of them. Wang Erxiao is a shepherd boy who hurries cattle at the village side while sending out a whistle for the Eighth Road. Some Japanese troops lost their way in the village and saw Wang Erxiao and forced Wang Erxiao to lead them. He led the Japanese army into the ambush circle of the Eighth Route Army. When the Japanese understood it, it was too late to escape, and the Japanese army was furious. Wang Erxiao was killed. Wang Erxiao was only 13 years old at the time. He sacrificed himself for the safety of the villagers and in order to destroy more Japanese troops. This spirit is worthy of our touching and praise! Wang Er Although Xiao was sacrificed, he will always be in our hearts. Wang Er is only 13 years old, only two or three years older than me. How much courage does he need to bring the enemy into the ambush circle of the Eighth Route Army? There are many more, they cast their heads and shed blood. They donated their youth, love, family, future, in exchange for the liberation of the whole China and the happiness of the people, and wrote touching and depressing deeds in the war, like The five strong men of Langya Mountain sacrificed themselves and gave the hope of life to others. After reading the deeds of these heroes, I couldn't help thinking of myself. Every time I write a paper on the weekend, I do n��t write when I encounter an impossible question I did n��t even think about it, so I passed over and wrote other questions. When I read the Five Heroes of Langya Mountain, I felt extremely ashamed and thought: These heroes will never surrender in the face of torture, and I When I encountered this problem, I flinched. Compared to these heroes, how small and weak I am! Therefore, I will be as tough and fearless as these heroes in the future. I should be driven by the spirit of martyrs and diligent. Study and work hard to let us always remember the day of 1941! The fearless revolutionary spirit shown by the five heroes of Langya Mountain will shine brightly
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