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Mention the names Roger Federer & Rafa Nadal in any tennis circles and you will normally set people off to wax lyrical about how great they both are.

And rightly so they are two of the greatest tennis players of all time!

These guys gave us two of the greatest ever matches with the Wimbledon final of last year and the Australian Open of this year (2009)!

Now whilst we all get plenty of opportunity to marvel and chat about their shotmaking John Paxson Bulls Jersey , their insane levels of super human mental toughness and all the other qualities that go to make up a tennis champion most people get it wrong when asked to name the number 1 thing these guys do every single point!

The reason why you and nobody else seems to get it straight away is because it is so ??easy!!!

Apart from being ridiculously easy, it is also No1 on the list of what we call technical fundementals that govern good tennis playing and note I am not saying that every player must play a particular way or the same way, BUT every good player canmust have these fundementals in their shot production.

The good news is that SO CAN YOU!!

You can start working on it (and them) RIGHT AWAY and improve these 5 fundamentals and improve your stroke play and your tennis game dramatically.

Who knows, you may start winning more tennis matches as a result : )

You only need to work on them 1 at a time before moving on to the next and you will really see a difference.

So what is this ultra simple Jerian Grant Bulls Jersey , all important first fundamental of good tennis technique that underpins the rest and is vital for great tennis?

The first of the 5 is????.wait for it?????WATCH THE TENNIS BALL!!

There, I told you it was easy.

Watching the tennis ball (not just looking at it there IS a difference) allows you to most importantly judge the flight of the oncoming tennis ball.

It should go without too much further explaination that without doing this you will struggle to know where the ball is going to be, never mind trying to make a good contact.

It s part of what we call your reception skills and Without this in place, the other 4 just won?t happen.

So Denzel Valentine Bulls Jersey , how do you do it?

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