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Regardless of the size of a small or large company, it is the responsibility of the shareholders to be registered or incorporated in India. The company obtains legitimacy only through incorporation / registration. The process of registering your company includes four steps:

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1. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
2. Manager Identification Number (DIN)
3. Fill out an online form to register a new user
4. Establishment of the company and appointment of members of the Board of Directors
5. Mandatory financial registrations
Possession of a digital signature certificate (DSC)
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To ensure the authenticity and security of documents online, a digital signature certificate (DSC) for each manager is also mandatory. The Information Act 2000 requires the legitimate digital signature of all stakeholders on all documents that are submitted online. When applying for a DSC, one needs to look for validity and make sure it is renewed to avoid any legal action. Several companies including E&M provide company registration services in India which also cover DSC application.

Obtain the manager identification number (DIN)

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The next step in registration requires all company managers to obtain a Manager Identification Number (DIN). Documentation requirements are more stringent for overseas managers. You can facilitate this by contacting various registration companies like E&M that provide you with excellent advisors for registering companies in India.

Company registration on the MCA portal

The MCA Gate is the portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India, which is the regulatory body responsible for compliance with the Companies Act. For a new company, you need to register yourself as a new user on the MCA portal in order to conduct transactions and pay fee payments online. This registration is free and can be easily done online. You can also hire a Mumbai business registration consultant to get a better idea of ​​this process.

An application to register your company

The company must finally be established by providing information about shareholders, directors, authorized capital, paid up capital and registered office. The office address is also something of great importance. This process is followed by providing various forms with MCA. If you feel the process is complicated, you can hire Business Setup Consultants in Mumbai to ensure the smooth flow of the process.

Financial records

Registration with the income tax authorities is mandatory. This includes obtaining a permanent account number (PAN) which is a tax identification number and a tax deduction number (TAN) which is a unique number for tax deduction from company beneficiaries. This can be done either through the incorporation process or as separate operations with income tax authorities. A good corporate registration consultant in India will be able to help you complete this quickly.

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